Allowing Users to grow and monetise their audience while supporting authenticity.

Iomi Social Networking is a new platform in development which is set to change the landscape of Social Media. Our mission is simple: encourage the best aspects of Social Media and leave the worst aspects in the past. Iomi has carefully analyzed all the best Social Media Platforms of the last 15 years and merges all the best ones into a new platform, while adding some brand new concepts that have never been seen before.

-Advert free

-Protect private data from third parties

-Abandon algorithms and bring back chronological feeds

-Clamp down on fake, spam and troll accounts

-Earn money and rewards based on interaction

-Build brands by easily reaching new Users

-Include features people actually want to use

-Encourage the best from people

Our prototype is currently under construction. So far hundreds of hours have been poured into researching and development. This has become a real project of love by it’s creators and we are excited to share it with the world when the time is right.

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