Iomi Social

Supporting creators with authenticity

Iomi Social is a new Social Networking platform designed to help creators easily grow and monetize their audience. We don’t want your success to rely on algorithms, we want it to rely on talent.

Social Media Platforms are losing their individuality as they all borrow from each other and are becoming increasingly similar. Iomi is here to disrupt the industry with innovative features while keeping the ones we have all come to know and love.

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We have totally reimagined the way advertising works, handing the power over to our users. You can earn money and incentives directly from brands by sharing their content, pretty cool now we are in the age of the influencer right? If this isn’t for you, then you can easily opt out of seeing adverts at no cost. Our system doesn’t rely on using your private data, so here at Iomi we won’t even ask private questions, let alone sell that data on to third parties. Your privacy matters, and we need to take back control of it before it is too late.

Iomi has been created by people who have spent years using social media to market their creative pursuits to great success. We understand and know how important it is to be able to grow your audience. This is why we have developed multiple tools to let you grow organically. We wont hide your content from your followers, if someone chooses to follow you then they will see your content on their feed.

We care about preventing fake, spam and bot accounts. Not only will we be focusing on removing these from our platform but we will also make it easy for any user to verify their account if they wish. By allowing simple user verification we will be able to moderate who can post and view content with adult themes.